APPs - OQ Trading Technology



  • Indicators

    Advanced Heatmap Indicator

    Made for users looking to have a simple and instant view of the movements in 6 symbols in multiple time frames. This indicator can help you identify the major movements of one currency against another in a color coded table.

  • Indicators

    Basic Heatmap Indicator

    Made for users that want to have a simple and instantaneous view of the movement of one currency against others and in several time frames. This indicator can help you identify the major movements in a currency in a color coded grid.

  • Expert Advisors

    Bumblebee EA basic

    $35.00 / month
  • Expert Advisors

    Bumblebee EA Premium

    $50.00 / month
  • Expert Advisors

    Chart Rotator

    This tool was created for the trader that wants to keep up to date with the market, without having to keep dozens of charts open.

  • Metatrader 4

    Close and Reverse Script

    This MT4 script gives the user the ability to simply, click, close and reverse the trades open for a particular symbol.

  • Indicators

    Economic Calendar Indicator

    Designed for users looking to keep track of important economic events that may cause volatility and affect their open trades. This indicator displays relevant news events related to the instrument on the chart it gets added to. Its simple dashboard will provide the event name and importance.

  • Metatrader 4

    Historical Price Manager (HPM) – Oanda

    The Historical Price Manager – Oanda is a tool created to give you access to data beyond what you get on your charts. This is especially helpful for those looking to backtest strategies for longer periods of time. With HPM, you can connect to the broker’s server via API with your own account. You’ll get access to download historical prices for any of the symbols available in your account down to 1-minute timeframes.

  • Indicators

    Indicador Trend Dashboard

    This tool gives you the most commonly used trend indicators combined into one simple dashboard. It gives you a consolidated view of possible trends starting, with a multiple time frame analysis.