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ML Pattern Dynamics

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The indicator ML Pattern Dynamics for Tradingview uses 3 measurable characteristics of chart patterns to detect trading opportunities: mass, acceleration and sentiment. It uses machine learning and statistical models to find trading opportunities with precision and speed.

ML Pattern Dynamics

The indicator “ML Pattern Dynamics” for Tradingview, tailored specifically for traders and investors, harnesses the collective intelligence of KNN to provide accurate predictions. Stay one step ahead of the market with our intuitive solution, empowering you to make profitable decisions.

See the indicator in Tradingview here:

How does it work?

It employs machine learning and statistical models to pinpoint trading opportunities with precision and speed, by analyzing three measurable characteristics of price action: acceleration, mass, and sentiment.

Acceleration: It refers to the rate of change of velocity over time. It can be measured by capturing changes in the momentum or speed of price movements.

Mass: This pertains to the amount of matter in an object and is linked to its inertia and resistance to acceleration. It can be measured by identifying points where the price has gained or lost too much momentum, potentially leading to a reversal.

Sentiment: Market sentiment can be related to the fractal dimension and Hurst exponent, reflecting the presence of three types of noise: antipersistence or caution, randomness or uncertainty, and persistence or optimism. These sentiment associations provide insights into market dynamics and can assist in the decision-making process.

The KNN algorithm predicts the bullish or bearish nature of the upcoming three periods by classifying the price action into three different categories: uptrend, downtrend, or neutral, through an analysis of the three aforementioned elements.


  • Adjust: explore the impact of adjusting the sentiment cycle length within the KNN model to optimize the indicator’s performance. Fibonacci sequence is recommended (5-8-13-21-34-55-89-144…).
  • Validate: The performance dashboard shows you the real-time efficiency of the indicator, among other stats by using real historical data.
  • Set-up Alerts: to focus on the charts when it is truly needed.
  • Combine: with other analysis, indicators, or different time frames using the same ML Pattern Dynamics to enhance your decision-making process.
  • Realign: as needed to adapt the indicator signals to the latest price movements and achieve greater precision
  • Stay informed and adapt: Market dynamics can change, so continuously stay updated with relevant news and adjust your trading or investing approach accordingly.
What platform can I use it with?

We’ve developed the indicator for the Tradingview platform, using its dynamic charting functions and data processing. The indicator will provide you with open and close signals for trades, which with the Alerts option in Tradingview can be used to keep yourself updated on any trading opportunity.

One of the main functions and advantages of the ML Pattern Dynamics indicator is its dashboard which shows the user an efficiency percentage and ratio for the signals, based on the number of periods used to analyze the market. In simple terms, the indicator lets you know according to historical analysis how precise it has been on its trading calculations and how many signals have reached their objective vs how many failed.

How can I get access to it?

Getting this innovative tool is very easy. Simply follow these steps:

  • Add the indicator to your shopping cart by clicking on Subscribe now.
  • Complete your purchase in our site. Make sure that you use the same email that you use for Tradingview**
  • In 1-2 business days, our team will process your order and the indicator will be added to your Tradingview profile.

**If you used a different email to the one you registered in Tradingview, please make sure to send us a message at with your order number and the email address in  your Tradingview profile. We will add the indicator to that profile only.


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