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Basic Heatmap Indicator


Made for users that want to have a simple and instantaneous view of the movement of one currency against others and in several time frames. This indicator can help you identify the major movements in a currency in a color coded grid.

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This is a MetaTrader 4 indicator created for users who are looking to measure the move of a currency compared to others on a binary basis in order to understand general market trends in a single snapshot. It is displayed in a simple grid that explains how the base currency is trading against selected quote currencies at different time frames. The different strengths of red or green show the biggest movers and respective direction among their base and quote selection. This indicator displays up to 6 currency pairs with a single base across 5 timeframes.

This indicator looks for directional change between candle open and current price of a user-selected currency pair. This indicator is neither predictive nor indicative of a confirmed trend, direction or otherwise move, but rather gives a snapshot of what the currency performance is in the selected timeframes.


  • Base (constant): The user chooses a single base currency that will be compared with up to six other quote currencies.
  • Quote (symbols): The user chooses the six base currencies the base will be compared to.
  • Timeframes: The indicator will display the strength of one currency against the other currencies throughout five different timeframes chosen by the user.

Software Requirements: Windows OS, platform Metatrader 4.


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