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Economic Calendar Indicator


Designed for users looking to keep track of important economic events that may cause volatility and affect their open trades. This indicator displays relevant news events related to the instrument on the chart it gets added to. Its simple dashboard will provide the event name and importance.

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Created for users that are looking to keep up to date with the economic news that could affect the price of the instruments they are trading.  This indicator uses information from an online economic calendar. The Economic Calendar Indicator also provides options for the user to filter the events that are displayed per importance and symbol.


  • Event Importance – the user can filter the event according to importance: All, High or Medium.
  • Display – allows the user to select if they want to view all available events or only those pertaining the symbols in the chart: Show All Events or Show Only This Charts Events.
  • Font Size – the user can choose the size of the font shown on the grid: Small, Medium or Large.

Software Requirements: Windows OS, platform Metatrader 4.


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