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Bumblebee EA Premium

$50.00 / month

Bumblebee Expert Advisor premium is a trading algorithm based on Elliot Wave patterns and fractal theory. It is a highly versatile tool that allows traders to create their own strategies on various instruments and various time periods. This customizable tool identifies patterns and trading opportunities according to the logic requested by the user, with accuracy in most cases of more than 80%.

Bumblebee is designed to detect 10 trading patterns, the availability of which depends on the version a user is subscribed to. The premium version includes 4 additional patterns to the 6 available in the basic version, giving you the opportunity to create a variety of trading combinations to maximize your strategy.
What can you do with The Bumblebee Strategy Builder?
– Create your own automated strategies and run them in MT4.
– Design custom trading plans, entries, exits, stops, and targets.
– Adjust the pattern structure in length and time.
– Customize up to 6 different indicators including MACD, stochastic, fractal dimension, moving averages, ATR, and Bollinger bands.
– Select the desired trading time.
– Back-test your trading strategy ideas and plans, and put them live in your MT4.
– Available in 2 versions, “Basic” and “Premium”.

Differences between Bumblebee Basic and Premium: The 10 Bumblebee patterns:
The theory behind Bumblebee EA: How to create your strategy with Bumblebee:


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